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I have to share my favorite Android Photo Apps. I am in awe of the abilities of my new Samsung Note 2 Phone Camera! It seriously is amazing!! I find myself using it a lot more then my DSLR. It is so easy to just grab and snap. Though my phone camera does have exposure settings, ISO settings, white balance settings, and a few other settings. So basically a manual phone camera.

Here are some photos that I took from the airplane while on my way to and from my blissful weekend at BlissDom in Dallas, Texas. I always made sure I got a window seat so I could take plenty of photos.486359_543992445645484_1634374403_n

I used my favorite Android Photo App for collages called Photo Grid. So many different combinations available.

Here are my favorite Android Photo Apps:

Photo Grid


Pudding Camera


Pixl Express

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Here are some photos I took the other day using the Macro Focus on my phone. First one was taken while I was inside cleaning Kenny’s truck while he was washing the outside. Then a little lady bug I found. Yay for Spring and warm weather.


On Saturday this little birdie ran into our glass door. One of our dogs picked it up and I was able to save him/her from my doggies. He/She hung out with us for about 15 minutes before flying away. I think it was very thankful.


Overall I am very happy with my new phone even if it did take forever to actually get it. It is here though and I am so glad I made the switch from my iPhone. No regrets here. If you have an iPhone and thinking about making the switch let me know if you have questions. I never thought in my smart phone life that I would get anything besides an iPhone. Things change.

Do you have an Android Phone? If so, what are your favorite android photo apps?

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