Weekly Wishes #2


Last week I shared that I was going to link up with the Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes. Wanted to give you an update of what I have accomplished from my monthly wishes so far and share my weekly wishes for this week.


Throwback from when Kenny & I went to Florida before having kids!

Weekly Wishes

  1. Have fun with our family in Florida.
    Try not to stress over the little things.
  2. Catch up with some friends that moved to Florida a few years ago.
    Can’t wait to see how much their kids have grown.
  3. Continue with eating healthier food even while we are out of town.
    Don’t want to put on the 10 pounds I have lost so far.
  4. When we get home wash all our clothes from Vacation.
    Then go through all our clothes and donate ones that we don’t wear, or don’t fit anymore.

Β This Month’s Wishes

  1. Don’t drink any soda.
    (So far this is going good. Though I did have about 8oz of soda during my splurge meal)
  2. Cook more meals at home.
    (Only ate out twice this past week. Much better then previously)
  3. Organize and declutter our kitchen.
    (Hasn’t happened yet, hoping when we get back in town)
  4. Make it to the gym at least twice a week.
    (Made it to the gym twice and worked out at home twice)
  5. Take more photos of the boys with my DSLR and print more photos.
    (I have been taking more with DSLR, but still need to get some printed)
The Nectar Collective

What are your goals for this week?

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  1. robinsteele says:

    Hope you guys are having fun in Florida. Been nice watching all the pics and adventures on instagram. Excited about 2014 and what it brings for your family.

  2. Naznin Azeez says:

    Have a great time in Florida.. I don’t drink soda. I am also looking forward to cooking more at home than ordering food from out :). Hope that works this entire year!. Hey I love that pic by the way..

  3. Shannon says:

    I think that it is great that you make these lists and try to stick to them. And I love that you are donating old clothes to Goodwill.

  4. Your hair is getting so long Sarah and I love it! You totally rocked those wishes last week. Good for you! Good luck this week and have fun on the rest of your vacation.

  5. Stopping by from the link-up!
    Keep up the great work with all the you have accomplished so far! To stop drinking soda is a huge goal. I try to do it every month but I always go back to drinking it.

    Have a great week!

  6. krystel says:

    looks like fun

  7. Holly says:

    Great work! Have fun in Florida!

  8. Allie says:

    What helps me with the soda is never buying it for my house and only getting it out for a special treat. If a few days go by without me having one and then I do drink one, I feel gross and bloated and remember why I’m not drinking them in the first place. You are doing awesome with your wishes!

  9. Tamar says:

    Have a blast in Florida! Way to go on the eating too!

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