Catch the Moment 365 {Week #1}


Previously I participated in Project 365 in 2012 and 2011. I decided to take a break last year and not participate in Project 365. This year three of my favorite bloggers joined together to create Catch the Moment 365. I am so excited! I think this will encourage me to pick up my big girl camera and capture every day moments, instead of using my cell phone for everything. Though I am also participating in Catch the Moment 365 on Instagram if you want to follow me there and see every day moments with my cell phone. Anyways onto my photos this week.

Catch the Moment 365 – Week #1

Catch the Moment Week 1

1. Dustyn hanging out with Dixie. He was so excited that she was climbing up on his lap. | 2. Dustyn’s Monster Trucks left behind | 3. Found some leaves still hanging on. | 4. Carsyn concentrating on his iPad. | 5. Mess left behind by Dustyn. This is an every day occurrence, but I will probably miss it when he is older. | 6. On a nature walk with Dustyn. | 7.  Part of Carsyn’s daily routine. He takes a lot of different medicines. | 8.  You can see Dustyn’s 6 year molars coming in. Can’t believe he will be 6 in a month and a half!

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  1. Those are really great photos. I’ve thought about doing the 365 project before, so perhaps I will look more in to this and watch yours too, of course.

  2. Jennifer Hiles says:

    He’s precious. I too have a tendency to use the camera on my phone. I love that it is connected right to my Skydrive so I never have to worry about losing photos but I do prefer how they turn out on a regular camera.

  3. Dinky says:

    Beautiful photos!! I want to take as beautiful photos as you take, you´re talented 🙂

  4. Love that picture of Dustyn and Dixie!

    It, however, is not possible that he’s going to be 6 soon. Just not possible!

  5. Branson says:

    LOVE #3!!! So many great shots here! 🙂 The boys are getting so big!

  6. These are all awesome! Beautiful little boys 🙂

  7. Shannon says:

    Such beautiful photographs..and cute little boys. You guys are so adorable.

  8. JV says:

    Great shots. 1 & 8 are my favorites!

  9. Veronica Lee says:

    Awesome photos! Love your layout!

  10. I’m so happy that you’ve linked up with us Sarah, your photos are so inspiring!

  11. Mindi says:

    Love, love all of these. I’m so glad your joining us!! 🙂

  12. Beautiful photos! Do you use an action for your black and white photos?

  13. I love how you have your photos of the week displayed, way to cute. The floor one, so creative, love it!

  14. RaD says:

    After quitting in the middle of 2012 because I just couldn’t keep up I chose to forgo 2013 as well. but I really missed it and started a separate blog so I could just post one picture a day. So far so good (except I need to edit yesterday’s so it’s getting put up late). I’ll have to check out the Catch the Moment 365 blog.

    And I agree about the messes made by the kids, one day I’ll surely miss it because they won’t be here to make them anymore.

  15. Naznin Azeez says:

    I am absolutely loving these pics!. This will surely be one of your series that I will follow and look forward to :). I am following your IG now by the way as nazninazeez. By the way, each time you reply to my comments, I get a reply. How can that be set up?. I have a WordPress account (linked to this comment). It is not self hosted but I would like my commenters to receive emails too when I reply to them. Thanks!

  16. courtney b says:

    gorgeous pics! i hope you have your own photography company!

  17. Great photos! I also LOVE how you put it together! I may have to copy your layout =)

  18. Tamar says:

    Great start to the year! I am taking a year off from a 365 and P52! Can’t wait to see what you capture this year (-:

  19. I’m mom to a little ball of Sonshine myself with special needs. I am always delighted to find toher moms of kids with special needs sharing their stories online. Very nice to “meet” you!

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