Prestyn | 12 Months

My baby boy is a year old today! Where has the time gone? I just want to roll up in a ball and pretend this day isn’t here.


Prestyn James | 12 Months:

27lbs. 10oz.

31.5 inches

loves: being outside, taking a bath, swinging, climbing on the fireplace (even when he shouldn’t!)

hates: getting his diaper changed.

He has taken a couple steps between us and the couch, but no full on walking yet. It is getting close.


If you want to download the black and white milestone cards you can do that here.

Check out this adorable video I made of his first year.


Prestyn would not look at the camera while doing his sticker photo. Oh well. I am so glad I took this photos every month. I had so much fun using them for his first-year photo book.


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