Lightbox {WW #24}

Ashley & Branson are doing Tutorial Tuesday and this week they are taking Rosie’s Lightbox tutorial and reviewing it.  This was my first try at it. I think it turned out pretty well.

Dustyn wanted me to take some photos of his trucks and cars. It was great practice and fun.

I still have to find some more lamps to add lighting to my box.

This was one of Kenny’s cars as a kid. I love the rusty feel.

Now for this week’s Edit Me photo! You can download the photo here, edit to your heart’s content, and then link up over on the challenge blog between Wed and Sat! This week’s guest judge is none other than the amazing Ashley Sisk. And the photo we have to edit this week is so adorable:

Click to download large version for editing

Edit Me

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48 Discussion to this post

  1. casey says:

    Dude…I think you did a fantastic job on this challenge!! These shots are fun to look at, so crisp and sharp and colorful! Great job!

  2. Leah H. says:

    They’re cool and looks good..

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday! Hope you can stop by:)

  3. Andi says:

    These are really GREAT photos!

  4. Adeena says:

    I really need to try that lightbox. 🙂

  5. Gretchen says:

    I love the lightbox! Great job using yours!! Always love toy captures! =)

  6. Susan says:

    Lovely light box work. 🙂 I like that the VW has a bit of reflection to it as well.

  7. Amber says:

    All boy and I LOVE IT!!!

  8. Love your shots…I have always wanted a light box, what fun!


  9. Joanna says:

    Ahh, my son is OBSESSED with cars, too. Like can’t get enough!

  10. Love these shots! I’m going to check out that tutorial right now!

  11. Lea says:

    Yes, they do look good. I want to learn how to do this for web graphics so I am bookmarking this post, thanks 🙂

  12. Kim C. says:

    Cool pics! I need to read that tutorial!

  13. LOVE the shot of the Batman truck. Very sharp and clear!

  14. Jordyn L. says:

    These turned out great! My kids were excited to see them, esp. Filmore.

    Happy WW from Jordyn @ The Green House

  15. Danelle M says:

    I can’t wait to try the lightbox! It would be awesome for stock photography. Thanks!

  16. amber says:

    These turned out fabulous would be super cute to hang them in a little boys room.

  17. Katherines Corner says:

    Great shots!!! I would love to have a nice light box. I’ve had my eye on one at Amazon, can you suggest a nice one? xo

  18. Tammy says:

    Oh, those look great! Nicely done!

  19. Gina says:

    These are fabulous Sarah- I especially love that first one. Too cute!

  20. mommy baum says:

    love the lightbox fun! those cars are really fun subjects 😉 thanks for hosting

  21. Nice job on the light box. I need to try this.

  22. Lori says:

    Love the van! The light box does look fun.

  23. Run DMT says:

    I love the light effect on your cars. Great job! I need to read up on that lightbox tutorial.

  24. TToria says:

    Great shots!
    Here’s my WW this week:


  25. Karly says:

    I think you did a great job! After I saw Ashley’s TT I was so excited because I thought I was a loser for having created my own lightbox way back in August! It’s good to know that awesome photographers use homemade contraptions too!

  26. love these shots! they would make awesome prints for a little boys room! hmmm i think you might have one or two of those 😉

  27. Love the photos! They look great!

  28. Honey Mommy says:

    Nice wheels! We have tons of cars and I am sure my boys would love me to take pictures of them too.

  29. Amanda says:

    Oooh that lightbox technique seems to be working for you! These turned out really good!!

  30. Thanks for hosting!

    Everyone come link up at Marriage from Scratch!

    ~Christina @ Marriage from Scratch

  31. Laura says:

    You should totally print these out and hang them in the boys’ rooms–they’re great! 😀

  32. Kimberly says:

    These are great, Sarah! Love the one of Filmore! And your husband’s car is cool! We have some cars that were my husband’s as a kid. The boys love to play with them. I bought some things for my lightbox today – hoping to get it put together tomorrow.

  33. SoberJulie says:

    I love what you’ve done with the exposure

  34. Wow, these are stunning! I absolutely love the first one – I’d make that a huge poster for a kids room!

    Thanks for linking up – you were the first one!

  35. Branson says:

    These turned out great, Sarah! I might have to play with some of A’s toys in mine… I bet he would get a kick out of it 🙂

  36. These are great Sarah, love all the different little trucks 🙂

  37. Pam says:

    Awe. Love little boys’ toys! Great shots and perspectives.

  38. Ashley Sisk says:

    Dustyn’s trucks are perfect for this week’s shooting challenge. Love ti!

  39. misc.alaina says:

    These shots look very cool! I especially like the first shot!!

  40. Selena says:

    Great shots, I need to do the lightbox!

  41. Lauren says:

    I love my lightbox! I haven’t had it out in ages, but this inspires me!

  42. Joyce says:

    We have cool cards laying around this house too, but I never thought to photograph them. Great idea!

  43. Tricia says:

    Really neat. I need to learn how to do that. Love the Monster Truck pic. We are going see them this Sat.

  44. alicia says:

    One of these days i’ll find the time to try a few new things. This is definitely on the list. Very cool.

  45. SarahinSC says:

    I need to make Rosie’s lightbox. I keep thinking about it, but never get it done.

  46. Your photos look great! Thanks for hosting WW 🙂

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