Just Dance 4 Review {Great Family Thanksgiving Game}

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I was so excited that I got a chance to try out Just Dance 4. I have been wanting to try out a Just Dance game with my kinect. I had played them on a friends wii but it was a pain to hold the remote, so I am glad I got to try it out on my kinect. There are some awesome songs on this version. Some of my favorites are Moves Like Jagger, Good Girl & So What.

Just Dance 4 Review

There was a little trouble picking the songs with the Kinect but Ubisoft came out with an automatic update of the game where you can now use your controller in the menu. This is a hundred times better. I was getting frustrated at first and couldn’t figure out how to pick the song I wanted.

I have really enjoyed dancing and having fun while burning some calories. I could see this as an exercise plan I could stick with. Not nearly as boring as the exercise videos.

Just Dance 4 Review

The whole family really enjoyed playing it. Dustyn would get up there and dance with me while Carsyn sat there enjoying the music and laughing at us dancing. This would be an AWESOME game to play after eating your big Thanksgiving dinner. You could get your whole family together and work off some of those calories you just ate. It would be better then trying to find something to talk about! Ha!

In all seriousness though, UbiSoft came out with a good game and picked great songs. You can buy Gangham Style for the game which is hilarious to dance too. Kenny and I had a blast!! Your whole family will be laughing. This would be a good game to put on your Christmas lists. I love any video game that gets you up and moving.

Purchase it.

If you would like to buy Just Dance 4 you can on Amazon or Toys R Us for $39.99