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behindthecameraanddreaming jonah 0313 2
One thing I distinctly remember wishing for when Jonah was a newborn was better communication. I thought, this would be SO much easier if he could just tell me what he needs or wants.

Newborns cry to communicate what they are feeling. Then, throughout babyhood they start communicating in different ways.They start pointing, grunting, and showing you things that they want. Then one day, seemingly way sooner than you expected, they just say what they want. When this happens, it feels like a whole new struggle ensues. In the struggle between babyhood and toddlerhood, communication seems to separate the babies from the kids.

At sixteen months, Jonah, is very verbal and can say so many words I’ve lost count. More than walking, or taking a bottle, or pacifier, the ability to communicate separates him more and more from his baby-ness.

behindthecameraanddreaming jonah 0313

Just this weekend, he started saying “milk”. It’s usually proceeded by more, but hey at least I know exactly what he’s asking for. This is a mix of emotion for me as his mom. I am so proud of him, but also a little sad that he really is a toddler, not a baby.

From his prospective, I can see him struggle too. Sometimes, he still cries when he wants something and sometimes I just have no idea what he’s saying. I know this won’t last for long, but listening to him and not understanding him breaks my heart. Tonight I watched him tell my niece something, who knows what, and she just kept on playing with him like she understood him perfectly…maybe she did. It’s just a really small thing, that is just so huge in his eyes.

behindthecameraanddreaming jonah 0313 2

It’s the beginning of being independent, making friends, and just being a kid. I can’t believe it’s happening already.

What were the milestones when you realized your baby was really no longer a baby?

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  1. What sweet images. My youngest is 5, so I haven’t had a baby in awhile. Sniff. But, weaning was the moment I felt babyhood was left behind and toddlerhood the new norm.

  2. Serendipity is Sweet says:

    It is so bitter sweet to watch them grow up. My youngest if 4 will be 3 in August and it just blows my mind. It all happens so fast. I used ASL with all my kids which helped a lot with the communication. Toddlerhood is always tough though!

  3. Mindi says:

    Priceless photos! I love them. I have two boys 2 and 4 and both have lots of opinions. LOL I do love a squishy little newborn though! Totally can’t wait until June to do it all over again! I love this new feature Sarah!

  4. These pictures are absolutely adorable! I have a 7 year old, 4 year old and 5 month old and right now the 5 month old is going through a fussy period which is a huge adjustment because she is such a good baby and very laid back and I often find myself thinking that I wish she could talk and just tell me what she wants or needs, but then I have to remind myself to enjoy this moment and not wish it away!

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