BlissDom Photowalk | Gaylord Texan

The BlissDom Photowalk on Thursday was amazing and so fun! I chatted with other photographers and took lots of photo. I was also able to help new photographers with their cameras and lend out some of my lenses so that they could try them out. It really was an awesome time. I think this really helped me get to know people because there was lots of time for talking.

I am finally catching up on some sleep and things around the house after getting home from BlissDom. It was definitely a long and busy weekend in Texas. I think the flights were the hardest though. There were just so many stops and plane changes. Anyways I got to go through my photos this morning and wanted to share them with you.

BlissDom Photowalk Favorites

BlissDom Photowalk

The Gaylord Texan Resort was GORGEOUS! It had beautiful light and lots of photo taking opportunities. There were ponds, water fountains, model trains, flowers, trees, etc. I loved the ceiling with the star and all the light it let in.

Here are just a few of the bloggers that walked with us. There were three different groups and each group was pretty big. I met a lot of awesome people and Kristi with her red converse feet up in the air cracked me up.

BlissDom Photowalk

Meagan and Elaine were so fun to hang out with. There was a lot of laughing, a lot of picture taking and a lot of walking.  I will be sharing more about the conference itself. As a community leader I was able to sit in on three photography sessions and help.  I can not wait to go to BlissDom again next year, it was definitely an awesome conference and experience.

Thanks to my lovely sponsors Kim at Little by Little and Michelle at It Works, I had a Blissful weekend in Dallas. Make sure you check them out because they are both lovely ladies! 

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