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Valentine Gift Ideas For Kids

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Valentine Gift Ideas For Kids

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday! Do you have a gift for your kids yet? If not, check out these Valentine gift ideas for kids. Face it candy and stuffed animals are not what your kids really want, and they only last a brief moment except for the cavities. The best gifts you can give your kids are learning tools and toys. Kids love to learn and they love technology, so these are the best of both worlds.

Valentine Gift Ideas For Kids

Scout’s Build & Discover Tool Set (Ages 2-5 Years) – This comes with 5 tools that match the job. For example, the blue screwdriver works for the blue screw. Your kids can take apart the tool box and put it back together over and over again. Scout talks, sings and encourages your kids while they play.

Number Lovin’ Oven (Ages 2-5 Years) – There are over 30 songs and phrases. It comes with 16 ingredients. Your child will learn basic math skills, time, and temperature. This is perfect for kids that love to pretend cook.

LeapFrog Epic™ (Ages 3-4 Years) – This is a 7″ android based tablet that grows with your child. They can download popular android based apps to play along with the build in LeapFrog apps. It also has LeapSearch browser to keep the tablet kid safe on the web.

LeapTV™ (Ages 3-8 Years) – This combines technology and exercise. Your kid will love moving and learning using the LeapTV™. There are audio instructions for kids that can not read yet. The game adapts as your child learns.

My boys have really enjoyed playing with these learning toys. Dustyn really likes the LeapTV™. Especially when his friends and cousins come over. Carsyn loves the singing from the Number Lovin’ Oven, plus the food is easy for him to pick up and play with.

What are you getting your kids for Valentine’s Day?

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