Prestyn | 9 Months

Time for a little confession… This picture took Kenny laying him down very quickly, then making funny noises and faces while I snapped 1000 pictures. This boy is ALWAYS on the move. I can’t imagine what the rest of his monthly photos will look like. I really wanted to do photos of him laying down on the fur rug until he turned a year. Guess we will see what happens.


I can not believe that Prestyn has been out of the womb for as long as he was in it. Who knows the exact number of days, but I figured 9 months in, 9 months out is close enough.


Prestyn James | 9 Months:

23lbs. 2oz.

30 inches

loves: trying new food, saying da da

hates: laying on his back, nap time

I feel like this month he learned and changed soooo much. He is crawling on all fours now instead of army crawling. Pulling up on everything and cruising. He can stand for about a second then plops down. He follows me all around the house and loves chasing me in his walker while I am vacuuming the house. He really enjoys most food. I am loving baby led weaning. It really works well for our family. Right now he is working on all four top teeth. It has been rough, he was napping and sleeping really good at night but now his two naps are only lasting about 30 minutes and he is waking up a couple times a night.


If you want to download the black and white milestone cards you can do that here.


I plan to do a whale themed birthday party for him, so I have just started the planning stage. If you have any cute ideas leave me a comment below.

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