Prestyn | 11 Months

Only one month until he turns a year old. I think this is hitting me even harder since he is our last baby. I swear the time has been going by in super speed lately. Before we know it Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here and gone.


Prestyn James | 11 Months:

27lbs. 0oz.

31 inches

loves: splashing in the water, eating, climbing on everything

hates: laying on his back for diaper changes or getting dressed, being blocked off from getting stuff.

He loves just about any food, but his favorites right now are bananas, grapes, and green beans. He is climbing on everything. I never had a climber before so I am worried. Not sure how I am going to keep up with him. He can now walk just holding one finger or holding onto my clothes. So I don’t think it will be too much longer before he is walking.


If you want to download the black and white milestone cards you can do that here.


Sticking it to his forehead was the only way we could take a photo with the sticker. See how tore up and wrinkly it is? LOL! Just one more month of photos like this. I think I can do it.

Carsyn is having hip surgery today and the recovery is going to be pretty difficult. If you think about us today will you send up a prayer? Thank you!

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