Prestyn | 10 Months

Taking his photo is getting more and more difficult each time. Just two more months of laying on the fur rug, okay Prestyn? This photo isn’t perfect by any means, but it documents him and this stage. You can see even cuter photos of him in my Freshly Picked post.


Prestyn James | 10 Months:

24lbs. 5oz.

30 1/2 inches

loves: anything with tires, playing with his big brothers

hates: diaper changes and being told no.

He is still cruising the furniture, but not anywhere close to letting go. He still needs to work on his balance. Dustyn started taking steps at just over 10 months. I think Prestyn is going to be closer to a year before he walks. That is okay with me because he is already growing up way too quickly. He is sleeping through the night almost every night and I am so thankful for that sleep.


If you want to download the black and white milestone cards you can do that here.


Have a great Labor Day! If you haven’t seen my new series of 30 fun ideas for fall check it out, and come back tomorrow for another new idea.

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    September 5, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Happy labour day! What a cute child, 10 months absolutely flies by my son is 9 months next week and I cannot believe it! X

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