Poetic Winter Photography Challenge: Calm

I used one of the storyboards that Faith shared last week. I love it! Thanks Faith!
Dustyn was so sweet. He found this dandelion and smelled it. Then he gave it to me.

I will be getting ready for his Angry Birds Birthday party tomorrow.  I may not be able to visit you, but just know I am so thankful for your visits and comments. You all are awesome!


My favorite photo this week. I love Carsyn so much. He is so sweet spirited.

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  1. Breena says

    Very lovely shots! I especially love the ones of your boys! They’ve got the model thing down, don’t they ;) Thanks so much for sharing at “Life as this Mommy knows It”!

  2. alicia says

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Love the collection in that storyboard.

    Hope your party went over without a hitch.

    Thanks so much for particpating in our Poetic Winter Challenge!

  3. Susan says

    Love the “angry pig” hat! I remember picking dandelions when I was little. My Great Aunt would always ask if we liked butter. So we’d hold the flower under our chin and if it reflected back yellow then “yes we did”. :-)