Photo Tip Tuesday- Kelvin White Balance

I have had a lot of issues with white balance lately. Apparently the D7000 is known for not having the best Auto White Balance. I have heard a ton of great things about the Kelvin White Balance. I checked out this post then decided  to head outside and play around. These are SOOC.

I am loving it so far. The 7140 was a great warm color, but the 10,000 was too warm. The 5000 looked pretty good but a little too cool and the 2500 was way too cool. There really is a lot to it but I just wanted to get a feel for the numbers.

This chart is a good starting point. I borrowed it from that post.

Here is the photo with 7140K edited. I just cooled it down a tad, bumped up the contrast and sharpened for the web.

Hopefully this was helpful and gets you started using Kelvin White Balance.  I have been using it and it takes a minute to adjust it but it is worth it. I would rather take that couple of seconds before taken the photo then having to do it all post processing.

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