Life of Baby Halstead | Week #30

Only about 10 weeks left until we get to meet baby Prestyn. Can not wait!! The nurse did call today with my gestational diabetes test results. I had one number that was borderline, one just over and one under, but the doctor went ahead diagnosed me anyways. Yay! I really don’t mind making healthier choices and all of that. I just hope it doesn’t change his mind about supporting my second VBAC. The doctor is just making me mad about the whole thing. Prestyn is actually measuring smaller then Dustyn or Carsyn were measuring at this point. So I am pretty confident I can still have a VBAC. I just make big babies. Okay?


 30 Week Bumpdate: 

How Far Along: 30 weeks 2 days

Baby Size: cucumber

Weight Gain: 20 pounds

Sleep: has been better this week.

Gender: boy!

Feeling: overwhelmed.

Movement: crazy. i have been trying to catch it on video but it is hard to capture.

Cravings: taco bell…

Name: prestyn james

Next Appointment: september 9th

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