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Disclosure: As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I receive products , promotional items and educational material to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.

I was so excited when I got the email saying I was going to be a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador. We have loved LeapFrog products since the boys were babies. They each got a Scout when they were born and they still love him to this day. We also frequent the LeapFrog shows on Netflix. I love that they really enjoy these things while learning at the same time. In September we recieved the LeapPad Platinum, LeapFrog Imagicards, and the LeapFrog Whammer. My boys were super excited to get these products.

LeapPad Platinum


The LeapPad Platinum has 7″ hi-res screen. They have a learning library of over 1,000 games. This was made for kids ages 3-9 and retails for $129.99. It does have Wi-Fi with a kid-safe web browser. I LOVE this. Dustyn loves getting on the internet but I always worry what he could accidentally come across while there. This solves that issue. There is a camera built in to take photos and videos. If your child has a friend with one they can connect and have their pets play together.


Dustyn loves taking the LeapPad Platinum in the car with us when we go on trips. We travel about an hour each way to visit family about once a week so this comes in handy. It is much better then just watching a DVD. He also took it for the weekend he spent with his grandparents.

LeapFrog Imagicards


LeapFrom Imagicard, a first of its kind digital and physical learning experience for kids. There are three sets of Imagicards: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Math 3-8), Paw Patrol (Math 3-5), and Letter Factory (Reading 4-7). You use the camera on your LeapPad to take photos of the cards and it brings their favorite character into the game and unlocks more gameplay. Each one comes in a tin to keep the cards safe, and a play mat for card sorting and offline learning.

Leap-Frog-ImagicardsDustyn is really into math and Ninja Turtles so this was his favorite imagicards set. You can play as Mikey, Leo, Donnie, and Raph using their special abilities to jump over ooze pits, climb walls, chop down crates, and build bridges. They learn to identify odd and even numbers, solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction problems. It even adapts learning automatically during play, offering tutorials and more that will keep your kids challenged.

LeapFrog Whammer


The word whammer is for kids 4+ and retails for $19.99. This is a great tool to get ready for Kindergarten. There are 3 different games and 5 learning levels, and over 100 words to spell. It will adapt as your child plays. You can spin, push and twist the handles to identify letters and build words. Dustyn is probably a little old for this but he has actually enjoyed it a lot.

Have you heard of these new LeapFrog products? What is your favorite LeapFrog product?

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