Latest Update on Carsyn

Awhile back we tried to get Carsyn approved for Phenol Injections because last time he got his Botox Injections we didn’t notice a huge difference with the high muscle tone in his hamstrings. Insurance ended up denying it the day before the procedure. Which I think was pretty horrible of them. Anyways he is going in today for another round of Botox. Please pray that this round will really help his muscle tone. Right now he can not even straighten his legs out all the way. We haven’t been able to put him in his stander or gait trainer because it is just so painful for him. I feel so terrible that he is basically just sitting or laying down all day long. We even got the Upsee Harness for him and have not been able to use it because he is so tight. I fear orthopedic surgery is in our near future if this doesn’t relieve some of that tightness.

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Other then his tight hamstrings he is doing great. Carsyn is going to school 4 half days a week. He loves it there. His favorite time is of course circle time because he loves the music. They do all his therapy there at school. Once he gets his botox we will be adding in an additional day of Physical Therapy. Lately Carsyn has been more vocal. He is trying so hard to communicate words with us. I just love this little boy so much. Carsyn is such a happy guy most of the time, but when he is mad you will know it. He always brings a smile to anyone that sees him.

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    what a sweet smile he has!! i love it when the kiddos start using their words more and are able to communicate better with you! i know my boy will be happy when he learns more- he seems to get frustrated now and ends up yelling a lot. it’s not my favorite, but i’m sure it will pass!