Jellys Are Back!

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Do you remember having a pair of Jelly Beans when you were a kid? You know the ones I am talking about. You wore them with anything all Summer long. They were really big in the 1990s. Well Jellys Are Back! I am so excited they are because they were one of my favorite shoes to wear.

I picked the clear ones because they really can go with any outfit. I have been wearing them every day since I received them in the mail.

Jellys Are Back

For those that have asked. I have not gotten any blisters from these shoes. They really are very comfortable and flexible. I normally wear a size 7 so I ordered the size 38s from their site. I wore them to a recent photo shoot on the beach. It was so nice because they didn’t fall off my feet like normal flip flops and I could just shake my feet to get the sand out of my shoes. I also didn’t have to worry about them getting wet.

Jellys Are Back

Jellys Are Back | How to Take Care of Them:

Jelly Beans offered a few tips on taking care of your new Jellys. Undo your buckles when taking your Jelly Beans off. A snapped strap is no fun for anybody! If you happen to have a dip in salt water, make sure you rinse your shoes off with fresh water afterwards.

Jellys Are Back
The picture above was taken after I have worn them over the past few days. My only complaint is in some places it looks like the clear is turning a little yellow. Mainly on the bottom of the shoe. I remember that on my clear jellys as a kid, I have always been pretty rough on shoes!

Jellys Are Back | You Can Find Them Online

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Buy Jelly Beans

You can buy your own pair of Jelly Beans  for $34.99 on their US site. Through this site you will get free shipping and the shoes will ship directly from the US not Austrailia. {They are still working out some kinks for their US site. It may be a few days before you can order on the new site.}

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