Hugs From Henry, Love Lucas

Faith over at Simplicity came up with a wonderful project to raise money for sweet Lucas. {His mom, Erin, is so sweet and takes some amazing photos.} Lucas’ sock monkey, Henry, is going to make his way around the world to different homes all the while getting his photo taken. He is a celebrity. Once he is done with his traveling all of the photos are going to be compiled into a book. The books will be sold and the money will go towards Lucas’ medical bills. Isn’t that an amazing cause?

Here is a collage of the time that Henry was here. He will be moving on to his next destination tomorrow.

{I posted the full photos on my flickr stream.}

Click the button below to learn more about the Hugs from Henry, Love Lucas project.


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  1. says

    Your photos of Henry’s visit are adorable. He just showed up at our house and of course we’re in the middle of a monsoon…Oh what shall we do with our little Henry?? ;P

  2. says

    I have really enjoyed seeing Henry on your and Ashley’s blog.

    All the photos are sweet, but I particularly love him hanging out with his fellow sock monkey.