How To: Displaying Christmas Cards

I started this tradition last year and loved it so much. To display my Christmas cards I walk around my yard and gather the perfect branches, put them in a mason jar. For the cards, I star punch out holes and tie some ribbon. Then hang them on the branches. Easy as pie and you can add to it as you get your cards.


You can see a little peek of our Christmas Cards from Pear Tree Greetings on the right hand side. I will show you the whole thing on Christmas.

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  1. Gina H says

    Always looking for ways to display cards since most are now photo cards! Thanks for all your great ideas!

  2. says

    Christmas greeting cards has long tradition. Me and my family always prefer to make a day memorable for years by sending our known people. Sometimes it also make them happy. However, this idea is very simple but attractive and easy. Anyone can enhance his/her home beauty by applying this method. I really appreciate this.

  3. alita says

    I know I “liked” this on instagram but I just wanted to say how tasteful and elegant this looks. Good job, Sarah!