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Get Your Head in the Game with Hedbanz™ Electronic

Hedbanz™ Electronic

Each Friday night Kenny and I like to spend some one on one time with Dustyn. I know it isn’t easy for him since a lot of time and attention goes to Carsyn because of his special needs, and Prestyn well because he is a baby and gets into EVERYTHING. Anyways after we put them to bed we normally watch a movie or play a game together. Recently we played the new Hedbanz™ Electronic and we loved it. It really helped Dustyn think in a different way than other games.

Hedbanz™ Electronic

Info About Hedbanz™ Electronic:

  • Fast-paced, team-based electronic version of the quick-question game of “What Am I?”
  • Players pick a partner, put on a headband and grab a card. Players wear a “picture card” in their headband, and then quickly ask questions to figure out what they are. For example: “Am I food?” “Am I a vegetable?” “Am I ketchup?”
  • The game unit’s “Electronic Host” determines which game mode they’ll play in that round: Ask It, Do It, or Describe It. The Host also directs the game, tracks time and keeps score.
  • Hedbanz™ Electronic is an ever-changing, exciting family game experience ideal for children age 7+.

There are three different ways to play:

  1. Ask “Yes” or “No” questions
  2. Describe It
  3. Act it out

Hedbanz™ Electronic

Since there were only three of us, Dustyn played on each team, which he thought was pretty cool. Our favorite way to play was, act it out because we all ended up laughing. I think he really enjoyed the game and had fun laughing at Kenny and I acting out some of the cards. He is already asking when his friends can come over so they can play it together.

Hedbanz™ Electronic

I love that everything packs up altogether. That way you don’t have to worry about losing pieces to the game. This would make a great Christmas present for kids over the age of 7.

Hedbanz™ Electronic

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Hedbanz™ Electronic

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