Why Freshpet Is Best For My Pet

Why Freshpet Is Best For My Pet

Our dog Dixie has always been super picky about her food. I can’t even tell you how much dog food we have bought, only for her to not touch it. As soon as I brought the cooler out to take photos of the Freshpet food she came running over excitedly. I hadn’t even opened up any of the packages but she must have smelled it and knew that it was going to be good.

Why Freshpet Is Best For My Pet

Once Kenny opened the package she got so excited and started begging. She was ready to enjoy her meal.

On the back of all the packages tells you exactly what they included in the food.

Dixie has a lot of yeast infections in her ears and on her skin. We would take her to the vet for expensive medicine and it would go away but then come back later. I recently read that the foods with grain can cause a lot of yeast infections. Freshpet food is grain free so I am looking forward to seeing if it will help her with her infections.

The food smelled really good, I almost took a bite. Freshpet food is just like a home cooked meal you’d make for your pet.

Why Freshpet Is Best For My Pet

More About Freshpet

Freshpet is a refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients. Freshpet never uses artificial or chemical preservatives, or any mysterious ingredients like chicken meal. Learn more about Freshpet’s benefits of a fresh diet.

 Check out Freshpet’s amazing transformational stories as well as how pets have gone completely wild at mealtime. I can account for this, Dixie ate up her food so quickly, and really enjoys mealtime now.

Have you tried Freshpet food for your pets?

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