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First Day of School 2016

My boys were both so excited to go back to school today. We had a great Summer and I am thankful for my time with them, but I am so thankful for a schedule again. I hope that while they are in school and Prestyn naps I can get back into the blogging groove. I have a fun September planned with the help from my friend Casey. You will not want to miss it. Anyways, on to the cute pictures of Dustyn and Carsyn on their first day of school.

first-day-third-grade (1)

Dustyn is heading into 3rd Grade this year. He loves all math and science but isn’t too keen on language arts. Right now he is a little obsessed with Pokemon if you can’t tell. He loves collecting the cards and playing Pokemon Go. I swear he had a major growth spurt over the Summer. He will be taller than me before I know it.

first-day-third-grade (2)

Carsyn is heading into 1st grade. Right now Carsyn is at one school, but will be moving to another school in about a week. I really wanted him in the regular classroom again but they moved him to a class that does extended common core. I am a little nervous about this school year but I hope it all works out.

first-day-first-grade (1)

In October Carsyn is having hip surgery and hamstring lengthening. I am sure he will be out of school for a few weeks, but I really hope that it is helpful for him and that it is the right decision.

first-day-first-grade (2)

Did your kids start back to school yet? How was it? 

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