Dustyn’s First Day of Kindergarten

It is Back to School time!! Dustyn officially started school yesterday. I could not sleep at all Tuesday night. I was just a big ball of nerves! By Wednesday morning I was exhausted.

Back to School : Kindergarten Edition


Back to School : Kindergarten Edition

Dustyn cried a little when I told him it was time to go to school. I held it together pretty well. Then when I took him to his class he did good, but kept saying mama don’t leave me. Finally it was time for me to go so we said our goodbyes. The look on his face stirred up something inside of me. I had to jet out of there so he couldn’t see the tears.

Age: 5 1/2 Years Old

Weight: 51 lbs

Height: 47 inches

What I love: Monster Trucks, Playing Outside, Carsyn, Mommy & Daddy.

Where I love to go: Mud Races, Stock Car Races, Busch Gardens, Water Country USA

When I grow up I want to be… A Big Foot Monster Truck Driver.

Overall he said he day was good. Though his bus ride was extremely long. I got worried waiting down at the bus stop for over an hour.

Back to School : Kindergarten Edition

I designed, printed and cut this sign out. If you want to download the PSD and customize it for your little one check out my First Day of School Printable post. If you need help customizing it just let me know.

Since he did start Kindergarten he actually got to wear his awesome 2026 Shirt from Zoey’s Attic Personalized Gifts to pose for a few photos. You can see more photos and enter the giveaway by clicking the photo below.


 I also took some photos of him downtown last week. Though he got covered in chalk while playing. Oy! Shows you real life with boys.

Back to School : Kindergarten Edition

Hope you all are having an amazing week! Did you kids start school? Carsyn starts on Tuesday so come back next week for his photos. 

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