Catch the Moment 365 | Week #15


We had an amazing week. We went to the aquarium as a family. Dustyn is obsessed with fish right now, so he had a wonderful time. Carsyn was pretty fussy most of the day. It is so hard to know what he wants since he can not tell us. We really need to work on […]

Little of This & That


I had lots of friends and family share this new product on my page called the Upsee Harness. From the same company there is a GoTo Seat. I realized that both products would make our lives better. Carsyn would have more interaction with his peers. We wouldn’t have to use his wheelchair all the time. […]

Weekly Wishes #12


Well we found out some news last week that will be making my weekly wishes change over all. See the photo below… Now that I won’t be trying to lose weight, I will be trying to not gain too much this pregnancy. This pregnancy was not planned at all. I wanted to lose quite a […]

Catch the Moment 365 | Week #10


Hello friends! This past week was full of movies and yummy food. Catch the Moment 365 | Week #10 65. My friend, Kimberly, and I went to see the Movie Premier of Mom’s Night Out. I have never cried so hard or laughed so much!! It is a great movie. I can’t wait to see it […]

Catch the Moment 365 | Week #9

DSC_6718 copy

What a week…. With this dreary/rainy weather and now the stomach bug has hit our house. Carsyn is the only one with it at this moment. I pray the rest of us don’t get it.I feel terrible for Carsyn. He doesn’t want to eat or drink anything. Catch the Moment 365 | Week #9 57. Carsyn […]

Catch the Moment 365 | Week #8


Another late week. Ha ha. I think that I will be back to normal next week. Yesterday was Dustyn’s actual birthday. My baby boy turned 6 Years Old. Boohoohoo! I am still working on his birthday party post. I thought I would be done by now but things have just been crazy. Anyways on to […]

Streaming Thoughts

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Random Post Alert. Carsyn Updates Carsyn’s wheelchair parts are still not in, but hopefully this week. Then they have to put it together. Which I pray happens next week. I am sooooo ready to get his chair. He got fitted for a new Gait Trainer on Monday. He tried out the Rifton Pacer and the […]

Catch the Moment 365 | Week #7


This is late again this week because I was busy getting ready for Dustyn’s Disney Infinity Birthday Party yesterday. I will be sharing some photos of that this week, though I didn’t take as many as I had hoped.  Catch the Moment 365 | Week #7 43. I did a scavenger hunt for Kenny to do […]