Sunset at the Park {WW # 74}

On Saturday we went out to one of our favorite parks. It was getting close to sunset and I was able to capture some amazing photos with my new wide angle lens. I am in LOVE with this lens. Here are just a few photos.

blogDSC_2611 blogDSC_2655



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  1. wow Sarah! These are stunning images!! The clouds are gorgeous and that sunset with its reflection in the water is breathtaking!! Yay for new lenses!!

  2. Wow! You’re right, these shots are amazing! Any suggestions for someone considering getting their first wide angle lens?

  3. Wow, your photos are gorgeous!

  4. If I didn’t know any different Sarah, I would think you were in Louisiana taking this photo. We have a canal that runs into a lake that looks very similar to these pics. I absolutely love everything about these images. The sun reflecting on the water, the deep hues of the contrasting trees, the whispy clouds…just an absolutely stunning scene!

  5. Gorgeous photos!

  6. Wowwww! gorgeous!! Thank you for hosting. I am without internet..again! ugh…but I will visit everyone as soon as it is up again xo

  7. Beautiful Capture of Light!

  8. Certainly gorgeous views Sarah! Love it!

  9. WOW!!!!! A wide angle lens is on my wish list! Awesome photos!!!

  10. Beautiful. Really love that last one. Which lens did you get?

  11. Gorgeous shots!

  12. Beautifully rich colors and so crisp! Lovely images. Love how wide you were able to shoot!

  13. Marvelous photos of this wonderful Sunset.

  14. Amazing!!!!

  15. Gorgeous! What kind of lens is it?

  16. Just lovely!

  17. Love the colors :)

  18. Awesome details and color, Sarah!

  19. Those are just beautiful! It looks like you’re putting that lens to good use.

  20. STUNNING! So so so gorgeous, Sarah!

  21. Serendipity is Sweet says:

    These are gorgeous! Where is this?

  22. STUNNING photos! What an amazing sky! What wide angle lens did you get?

  23. Stunning!!! you always have the most beautiful photos

  24. Ooohhh, gorgeous!!
    I must get a wide-angle, new toy – new toy!!!

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