Snow Days {WW #77}

I took some photos with my DSLR of the snow this past weekend. Weird saying snow considering today it was 70 and tomorrow it is going to be 72. He he.







I didn’t use my DSLR while playing with the boys. So I just used my phone for those photos. Carsyn didn’t like it when the snow was falling on his face. He was much happier the next day when there was snow to play in but it wasn’t falling from the sky.



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  1. I love these! love photos of snow but they make me cold all over.

  2. The weather over here has been crazy too! No wonder everyone keeps getting sick…noone knows how to dress from one day to the next. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the snow while it was there. Fav is the fifth picture close up of the seed pod.

  3. Beautiful shots! And I love the storyboard!

  4. Cuteness!

  5. WONDERFUL BLOG! Love these pictures! :D

  6. beautiful photos! i especially love the pine tree branch covered with such PURE white snow….hard to capture effectively! great work ;) thanks for hosting

  7. These are pretty. The weather is crazy. Two days ago we were in the 70′s and thunderstorms today its freezing and we got some snow.

  8. Your snow images are lovely! We too are experiencing a warm trend but with it nasty weather. It’d be nice to play in the snow again. Glad to find your site via Create With Joy. I’ll be back :)

  9. LOVE these photos Sarah! I’m really drawn to the shot of the icicles!! :)

  10. Oh yes, we’ve had quite a mix match of weather too!

  11. We’ve got the same situation. Snow, then 70 degrees…and now they’re talking about snow again in a few days. We’re enjoying the sunshine for now.

  12. Your photos are gorgeous! Love the snow days layout also!

  13. I love your pictures! I want to own a DSLR so bad!

  14. Super fun to have a little snow to break up the warm days. I think spring is coming early this year.

  15. Great minds think alike! I was thinking the same thing when I posted my snow day pictures for today!! Crazy weather. I’ll take 70 degrees over snow any day though!

  16. I love the detail in your shots. I have been tempted to get a DSLR the last several months….or at least one of the nicer Panasonic Lumix cameras. My phone just doesn’t cut it all the time, and its quality is actually quite a bit better than my old as the hills digicam. Maybe I can grab a camera for a nice early spring gift.

  17. Your blog is so beautiful and I’m glad to have found you! Love your shots! New follower!

  18. Expecting snow here today….looks like fun. Love the format, have not had the chance to visit in a while. Hope all is well.


  19. You must be a little farther north of us. It’s going to be in the 70′s here today. 30′s a few days ago.

  20. So glad you got to enjoy some snow this year!!

  21. your phone takes clear photos, your photography takes my breath away. xo P.S. thank you for hosting

  22. Beautiful shots! Two days again we had snow here, but suddenly it´s getting warmer and all of the snow is gone. To be honest, I´m kind of glad it´s finally getting warmer. ;)
    Happy WW!

  23. Beautiuful pictures.. Looks like a fun day.

  24. So pretty!!!

  25. Very beautiful photos!! Such strange weather, it’s so weird to see the snow in 70 degree weather!

  26. I will have to go take some more snow pictures tomorrow. Today we were too busy trying not to get buried!

  27. Just enough for great shots! LOVE the icicles.

  28. Very pretty. We haven’t had any snow really :.

  29. Beautiful photos! Looks like the boys were having fun! And I love the page you created! We had an unseasonably warm day today. Woke up to most of the snow melted. :( Of course, it won’t last since it is supposed to snow again tomorrow night.

  30. Awesome captures! Love the collage.

  31. Very nice! I see you have sweet gum trees, too. Or spiky balls as we call them. :)

  32. Gorgeous shots!

  33. sandra hodges says:

    Amazing photos! My favorite is the gumball with snow on top. What program do you use for the digital scrapbook page? I really like the old fashioned look of it.

  34. Beautiful photos! I love those sticky, scratchy things. The icicles are awesome, too. :) Thank you also for the linky.

  35. So jealous. I was hoping for a snow day. ;) Love the DSLR pics. The icicles are awesome. And what did you use for the fun page? Love the little frames.

  36. We had snow for 2 days then 50 degrees.

  37. It was 60+ today in NW Indiana! The rain washed the snow away :-(. Was hoping to go sledding. Love the vintage photo template!

  38. I LOVE the leaf picture. So serene, and peaceful. Happy Wednesday Sarah!

  39. Beautiful shots Sarah! I especially love those icicles.

    The snow was beautiful, but I was loving the warm spring-like weather today. Yay!

  40. Sarah – I love all these photos.
    Dav didn’t like the sleet in his face. We never got snow. NOT one flake. :(

  41. I love the collage of sweet vintage pic’s!

  42. Beautiful photos!!

  43. These are great! Looks so fun. I’m beginning to think this is another no go on the snow year for us. I’m sure I’ll find a way to cope. ;)