Blooming Daffodils {WW #30}

First of all I want to say thanks to everyone that has linked up. I have not been able to visit you all the past two weeks while getting ready for and celebrating Dustyn’s Birthday. I am hoping this week I will get by and visit you all. Hope everyone has been doing great!

I have been wanting to do this for awhile now. Here is my first Color Me Weekly.

Color Me Weekly Meme by leavesnbloom

Here are the boys the morning of Dustyn’s Birthday.

A few photos from Dustyn’s party at school.

Carsyn smiling while we sang Happy Birthday.

The frog cupcakes I made for his “Leap Day” Party.

You can learn how I made them here.

I posted all about Dustyn’s Angry Birds Birthday Smash! Make sure you check them out and enter the giveaways. Lots of great shops featured for any birthday party!

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  1. first of all … i can’t believe that daffodil blooming! i seriously can’t wait for them to start blooming here!! second, it looks like a very happy birthday. those cupcakes are absolutely adorable!!

  2. Okay I have to admit that I was waiting for the daffodil to say “Feed me!”I looks like something from Little Shop of Horrors. ;) Very pretty, though.

  3. I love your daffodil photo! Be sure to take lots of photos when they bloom so I can live vicariously through your pictures–I don’t think I’ll be seeing any of those down here any time soon! :D

  4. What cutie pies! Love the mohawk and the cupcakes look tasty!

  5. What a great party theme. Love the cupcake and the boys are obviously adorable too!

  6. Sweet pictures!

  7. I love your Color Me Weekly shot. Beautiful job! That’s on my list of things to try ;)

  8. I’m so excited to see spring flowers – love it…and your boys are looking so cute right now. PS: You’ve been tagged (if you have some time).

  9. Such beautiful, vibrant photos. And those smiles! And mohawks!

  10. Love that shot! So pretty! And it looks like the party turned out so cute! :)

  11. I just adore those first two photos!

  12. Love your color me- it’s gorgeous!!! Those smiles are always so sweet & you know I just adore those cupcakes!

  13. Those frog cupcakes are too cute! What a great idea!!!

  14. Love the flower photo! So perfect. Precious photos of your boys!!! :)

  15. I love your Color Me Weekly! I can’t wait to see more. How do you do that? Also, I can’t wait to read about the Angry Bird party. My son LOVES Angry Birds so I have a feeling that’s what his next party will be!

  16. Sweet spring time blooms. I hope min e make it this year. We just had a huge snow storm. Okay a leap day party with frog cupcakes, how cool are you? Extra cool sweet Sarah! Wwhat a great Mom you are xo

  17. The boys are adorable. love the hair.

  18. Carsyn is so cute! And I love the boys’ hair styles. :)

  19. those cupcakes are TOO cute!!!!

  20. They are so sweet!
    Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  21. Thanks for joining in Sarah with ColorMe Weekly this week and what a lovely reminder that spring is on it’s way with those hues of spring in the palette.

    Loved how you decorated those cupcakes and your theme was great………..but the stars are those 2 brothers having a great time together.

  22. Your boys are so cute.

  23. Adorable pictures! Your boys are so cute! Love those cupcakes too..,yum! :)

  24. I just love that cupcake!

  25. Your daffodil reminds me of spring in MN, and I miss it! All we have down here in Phoenix is summer, summer, summer, and fall.

  26. I always love all of the bright vivid colors in your photos!!! Fabulous!!

  27. I just NOW am getting why you did a frog theme for his school party…..duh! Haha ;)
    I just love pictures of your boys……they look like such cool dudes to hang out with!

  28. such great pictures…
    and yep… i love that cupcake

  29. So cute! The color me is really lovely! Great cupcakes!

    Don’t worry about visit for me…I’m amazed you do as much as you do! I feel like I’m always behind.

  30. Boys on the couch shot is priceless. Love it!

  31. Precious boys!!! ;)

  32. I love your color palette! And the cupcakes are adorable. :)

  33. Love your Color Me Weekly photo! And the pics of the boys are adorable! You are WAY more ambitious than I am when it comes to birthdays. Wow! :)

  34. Those boys are adorable! I love the cupcakes. I’m sure the kids had a lot of fun with them.

  35. Tricia@xenandrineexposed says:

    Thanks for sharing this funny photo..Love looking all this kids..

  36. Your boys are precious! Love the color palette! That is on my list of things to do! Happy WW!

  37. I think you did a great job on your first try for color me weekly. I want to learn how to do the custom shapes at the bottom like some of the other people’s linked up. =)

  38. Love, love, love your shots. The cupcakes are adorable and their little mohawks are so cute.

  39. Your boys are so handsome! Love the Daffodils :)

  40. Love the daffodil picture and pallet, and how the boys swapped turns smiling in the next two shots.

  41. –>Your boys are adorable. What a great theme for a birthday too.

  42. How fun! We have two birthdays in the next week, so I am going to be one busy mommy!

  43. Look at Carsyn’s cute smile! So adorable! I bet those cupcakes were a hit at his school!

  44. Great pics…love the mohawk!

  45. Loving the first signs of spring and that cupcake is to die for! Happy WW!

  46. It’s beautiful Sarah, gorgeous light! I’ve been having fun with tulips all week!

  47. What beautiful photos, love the color!

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