Affordable Castle Vacations

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Have you ever dreamt to stay in a castle while on vacation? I have, I think it would be amazing. It is on my bucket list!

Affordable Castle Vacations

HomeAway is the world leader in vacation rentals with more than 2 million unique places to stay available in 190 countries worldwide. There is a vacation rental for everyone – from budget to luxury, city to rural, mountains to beaches – even castles. The HomeAway Castle Collection was thoughtfully curated to accommodate groups of all sizes. With more than 900 castles available on Homeaway, there are castles to fit all types of fairy-tale dreams, from rustic to luxurious; and castles with storied pasts to make vacationers feel like they’ve travelled back through time.

Affordable Castle Vacations

 5 Affordable Castle Vacations

Do you want to stay in a castle?  It is more reasonable then you think. Check out these 5 affordable castle vacations below.

Castle of Lisheen (Ireland)

Affordable Castle Vacations

A restored 19th-century castle is located in central Ireland in County Tipperary, making it an ideal location to access many of the historic sites of Ireland on a day trip basis. $66 per person, per night.

Pavillon du Chateau de Tocqueville (France)

The Pavillon du Chateau de Tocqueville is the former home to 19th-century French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville; its five bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms overlook the surrounding gardens and lakes. $68 per person, per night.

California Castle (US)

Affordable Castle Vacations

The Piru Castle is north of Los Angeles, on 10 acres nestled between two canyons.This historic landmark offers accommodations for up to 20 people. $25 per person, per night.

Castle Wasserburg (Austria)

Affordable Castle Vacations

The romantic moated castle is near Vienna and the Danube landscape of Wachau, which is famous for its vineyards, monastery, castles and small old villages and perfect sightseeing tours. $100 per person, per night.

Castle Sédaiges (France)

Affordable Castle Vacations

Dating back to the Middle Ages, this castle has remained in the same family and has many of its original furnishings, such as tapestries by King Louis XVI. $41 per person, per night.

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  • The group will have the entire castle and its 1,200 acres to themselves to enjoy as they wish and can partake in a variety of activities ranging from archery to falconry.
  • The contest runs from February 9th until March 31st.
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