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[one-half-first]I’m am so excited that you are interested in sponsoring my blog. If you have a shop or blog that you feel fits with the theme of my site, I’d love to hear from you. Advertising is a great way to grow your business or blog, and I hope you’ll decide to advertise with me. I am also open to doing reviews and/or giveaways.

Current Stats: (as of 2.2015)

  • 4000+ fans on Facebook
  • 4800+ followers on Twitter
  • 4700+ followers on Pinterest
  • 4700+ followers on Instagram
  • 25,000+ page views a month
  • 12,000+ unique visitors a month

 More Information:

  • Payments are made through paypal.
  • I only feature static ads, no blinking ads please.
  • Fill out the form to the right if you are interested.




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