Catch the Moment 365 {Week #29}

We had such a great time camping last weekend. We will be doing that again soon. In other news all of these photos except the banana bread photo were taking with my phone… I really need to pick up my DSLR more often. It is just so easy to use my phone. 

Catch the Moment 365 – Week #29


197. It was a rainy, gloomy day, and I was a pretty rotten mom. Definitely not the best day. 198. Dustyn found this little garter snake while playing on his swing set. I am glad Dustyn has a good eye for snakes. It took me a minute to find him. 199. On our way camping. Another item checked off our Summer Bucket List and my 30 Before 30 List200. Dustyn loved going down the slide at the campground. When we went a couple years ago he didn’t even want to climb up the steps. 201. Dustyn all ready for his sleep study. We took him in because he does a lot of loud snoring. Plus I think I have heard him take pauses between breathing at night. 202. Made Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with one lonely brown banana. 203. Carsyn is in Summer school one day a week during July. I think it wore him out. He fell asleep in his high chair while I was cleaning up from lunch. 204. This little raindrop on a leaf caught my eye. It has been a rainy couple of days.

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