Carsyn’s First Day of Pre-K

I sent my baby, Carsyn, off to school today on the bus! Carsyn started his second year of Special Pre-K. He will be in Kindergarten next year. Can’t believe it. He is growing up way too quickly.


Carsyn really enjoyed school last year, so I am hoping this year will go just as good. 


I still can’t believe I sent him on the bus. There are a couple reasons I made that decision. One, I think Carsyn will really enjoy riding the bus because he loves riding. Two, he is only in school for three hours. So I would drop him off come home start working on something and then felt like I had to turn right back around to get him. We are pretty far from the school he goes to, therefore it really didn’t leave me much time to get anything done last year. Last year I dropped him off and picked him up because he was in the afternoon class and I could pick him up and then Dustyn up in the same trip. This time I would have to make 3 trips back and forth. It was just going to be too much driving around. So we will see how the bus riding goes.


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