Weekly Wishes #42

Yesterday we went to an annual soup party that some friends throw each year. We always have a blast trying everyone’s soup. Yumm! It was the perfect fall day for it. I just love this photo I took of Dustyn there today.

DSC_1980 copy

 Last Week’s Wishes

  1. Stick to my medifast diet.
  2. Make it to the gym four times.
  3. Work on getting on a cleaning schedule. Have tried this before and failed.

Did pretty good until Sushi Saturday night for Date Night, and the soup Party. I did make it to the gym four times! So proud. I found a schedule by Our Holly Days. Now I just need to start it.

 This Week’s Wishes

  1. Start the cleaning schedule.
  2. Gym four times & sticking with Medifast. (seems I do better when I add it here)



The Nectar Collective

What are your goals for this week?

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