2 Weeks

Today I took Carsyn in for his 2 week check-up. He weighs 9lbs 9oz. The Doctor was very pleased with his weight. She said he looked very healthy and that he definitely was over the jaundice. I love my chunky boys. 
Here are a couple cute pictures of him after his bath. He loved the bath just not the getting out part.




Wearing one of the diapers that my friend Kristen made him.I love his cute little belly button. I am so glad his belly button stump fell off yesterday.

Hanging out in the bouncy seat.


He is sleeping really well at night. He usually gives me at least one 4 to 5 hour stretch. Then he usually wakes up every 2 to 3 hours. Last night though he was awake from 3am to 5am and I could not get him to go back to sleep. I think it might have been something I ate or drank. I am going to try and cut out caffeine all together, but that is going to be hard to do. He is really a laid back baby compared to Dustyn. He sleeps pretty easily on his own. Dustyn really would only nap on me or in the swing.



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  1. Rachel says

    Our baby boys are a lot alike! Paxton enjoys his bath but cries when he gets out! He is also sleeping basically the same, typically one 4 hour stretch and then up every 3 hours! And poor Paxton had popped blood vessels in both eyes! They're gone now! And he's growing fast too (10 pounds 11 ounces last week!)

    I'm glad you're adjusting well to life with 2! (I'm still getting used to my one!!)

  2. {:miss v:} says

    So precious! He is just so cute! His little belly button is cute too! I loved when Evan's stump fell off too…that thing made it so hard to bathe him!

  3. Dee says

    wow! 2 weeks already? Lovin those little baby legs..you have me wanting to beg hubby for another baby!